Open Water Collaboration Collection with Anjali World | Summer 2014

Anjali World has been an avid animal lover since as long as she can remember and always dreamed of using her music as a means of pushing her cause, which is saving endangered species.
When Phraseology approached her about an idea for a Jaws & Paws line it was the perfect fit.
“When I heard phraseology combined their love of animals with their love of fashion I immediately wanted to collaborate them” says Anjali.
 “Like music, fashion is such an important expression of individuality and art in our culture today. Therefore, using it as a platform to bring awareness to the protection of endangered species is really effective because you can easily target young people who are passionate about the environment.  Phraseology is making a difference while allowing people to express themselves and I’m happy to be a part of it. “
10% of all sales from the open water collection will go back to Jaws & Paws to help save sharks throughout the world.
Photographer: Jared Thomas  |  Model: Anjali World  |  Stylist: Tamika Reid  |  Cause: Jaws & Paws